Pre-Qualification Request

Get pre-qualified for a Good Neighbor Next Door purchase!

   To purchase a home with the Good Neighbor Next Door program you must be pre-qualified by a mortgage lender unless you are paying cash. Please fill out the form below. Once we receive your information, it only takes a day or two for one of the lenders that we work with to get a copy of your credit report and to call you. There is no cost or obligation.

   If you or your spouse (if married) have owned any residential real estate in the last 12 months you are not able to purchase under the GNND Program. In addition, if you or your spouse (if married) have ever purchased a home through the GNND Program or the previous programs, Officer Next Door/Teacher Next Door, you are not able to purchase under the GNND Program.

   Once you have been pre-qualified to purchase, we will schedule a day and time to meet you and show you any available GNND home. We have keys to the properties and will meet you during the day, evening and even weekends. We will explain everything about the GNND program and how it works when we meet with you. If you are ready to submit a bid and enter the lottery for the property we will walk you through the process.


Fill out the pre-qualification request form below to start the process.