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Good Neighbor Next Door Program: Police, Teachers and Firefighter/EMTs Can Purchase a Home in Maryland at a 50% Discount! Only $100.00 Cash Needed!

Super sweet government giveaway program offers a 50% discount on houses in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Cecil County and Prince George's County, Maryland!



   Are you a law enforcement officer, teacher, firefighter or paramedic/EMT in Maryland?

   If you do not purchase a home under the Good Neighbor Next Door Program previously known as the Officer Next Door/Teacher Next Door Program you will miss out on one of the biggest home ownership and financial opportunities of your lifetime!

5 BIG reasons why you should purchase a home through the Good Neighbor Next Door Program

BIG Reason # 1 - Purchase a nice home at 50% of the appraised value!
   You will get a huge discount on a nice home that very few people get. You will be part of a small elite group of lucky people who were smart enough to seize on this incredible home ownership opportunity.

BIG Reason # 2 - You only need $100.00 cash to purchase!
   Who doesn't have one hundred bucks? You need way more to rent an apartment. Why spend years saving for a downpayment on a home. You already have the funds to do this now!

BIG Reason # 3 - Your monthly payments may be lower than you expect!
   Because of your huge discount you only need to finance half of the cost of your home and your payments may be way lower than you would think. Many of our clients purchase a home and pay less per month than they were paying to rent a small apartment.

BIG Reason # 4 - Borrow extra funds to have your home renovated the way you want by a licensed and insured contractor!
   Not everybody does this but it's one of the best ways to score a really nice house. Each $10,000 that you borrow towards property renovations will only add about $50.00 to your monthly payment. Think about it like this, for $150 bucks a month (less than my cable bill) you can borrow around $30,000.00 to renovate your half price house the way you want! You are only limited by your creativity and the monthly payment that you qualify for! When you renovate a property you can really boost the value of it.

BIG Reason # 5 - Walk away with a nice profit!
   After living in your home and completing the occupancy requirement you can sell the home, rent it or continue to live there. It is not uncommon for a good neighbor next door program purchaser to sell their home with a $50,000-$100,000 profit tax free.

Do not make these mistakes

WARNING! Do not make this mistake #1
   Don't be like the know-it-alls. They look up the list of homes for sale, see junker properties and assume that the program is a waste of time. These know-it-alls are still saving for a down payment and paying rent in their tiny apartment. Some of them may even talk to you and discourage you from investigating the possibilities of the Good Neighbor Next Door Program. DO NOT listen to their advice! You see, they don't understand that there are many nasty Good Neighbor Next Door homes but there are also some really nice ones that become available over time and these are the homes you should be ready for when they pop up!

WARNING! Do not make this mistake #2
   HUD rules state that you have to deal with a HUD registered real estate broker when you purchase a Good Neighbor Next Door house. Should you trust your most important purchase to a real estate agent that has never handled a Good Neighbor transaction? The Good Neighbor Next Door experts at Real Estate Professionals, Inc. have represented purchasers in over 100 transactions and we can make sure that your purchase goes smoothly and that you understand all program requirements. We will make sure that your purchase is successful and that you get to closing.

WARNING! Do not make this mistake #3
   One of the biggest mistakes some people make is to be obsessed with the houses. They think it's all about finding a really nice house and they don't want to learn more about the program until they find the right house.

   You need to be prepared when the right house becomes available. The Good Neighbor Next Door Program has many rules and regulations. You have to do everything perfectly or you won't be successful. Many of the rules aren't published anywhere and these rules can sabotage your puchase if you aren't prepared.

Learn our insider secrets

*** How to find a really nice house with the Good Neighbor Next Door program! ***

*** How long will this program last and will it exist in the future? Does the
government have plans to cancel it? ***

*** Are there secret bidding tricks to winning a house? ***

*** How to get a list of special homes available under this government
program. Not every home qualifies! ***

*** Exactly how good does your credit have to be? ***

*** What is the one thing many real estate agents do that
will automatically kill your deal? Oops! ***

*** How to get other super sweet discounts to go along with your purchase! ***

*** Why timing is absolutely essential to winning a bid! ***

   As with almost all government programs the Good Neighbor Next Door Program is full of small details and lots of potential for things to get screwed up. That's why you need to take the time to learn how the program works. HUD says that you have to purchase under this program with a HUD registered real estate broker. We know everything about this program and can help you be successful with it. We have helped over 150 people purchase under this program and we can help you to be successful purchasing a HUD Good Neighbor Next Door home.

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Areas serviced by Real Estate Professionals, Inc. for the Good Neighbor Next Door Program include Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Cecil County, Harford County and Prince George's County. Some of the agencies we have dealt with include: Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, Prince George's County Public Schools, Harford County Public Schools, Cecil County Public Schools, Numerous private schools, Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore City School Police, Baltimore County Police Department, Harford County Sherriff's Office, Cecil County Sherriff's Office, Elkton Police, Maryland State Police, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, Metropolitan Police Department, Baltimore County Fire Department, Baltimore City Fire Department, Prince George's County Fire Department.

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