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1995 - A Tuesday night around 8 PM:

I stood in front of the stainless steel lunchmeat counter, took my paper hat off and took a moment to relax.

It had been a fairly busy night at Mars Supermarket, but now the crowd was gone.

I worked the 4 PM to 10 PM shift on evenings like this and I hoped that the rest of the night would be quiet and easy so I could clean up and leave right at 10:00 PM.

I glanced over at the refrigerated display cases and noticed that the milk needed to be filled.

Let me go grab a hand truck and take care of the milk, I thought, as I saw him come down the aisle headed in my direction.

He was my client. The owner of a house I had listed for sale.

I was a twenty-four year old real estate salesperson in 1995 with Long & Foster Real Estate and I was embarrassed at the thought of being exposed as a part-time agent.

You see, I am supposed to be a businessman that deals with finances and the sale of a person's largest asset and here I have a paper hat on, a white deli jacket and my red tie reeks of ham and other assorted meat juices. I also live with my parents.

I panicked!

I sprinted into the back room and hid while my seller client came up to the deli counter and placed his lunch meat order.

Luckily there was someone else working with me that night to wait on him instead of me, whew!

I laid low in the meat cutting room until he was gone.

My cheeks flushed red from embarrassment and the cold of the meat room, I thought to myself: one day I am going to get the hell out of here and never come back!

I have to make this real estate thing work!


Supermarket days! I worked at Mars Supermarkets from 1989 to 1996. Here I am posing with meat that I stopped a shoplifter from stealing.


Hello! Robert Kaetzel here. Its 2023 and I have been in the real estate business for 25+ years. My grocery store days are in the past. I have been the broker of my own real estate company, Real Estate Professionals, Inc. since 2002 and life and business are good!

Why did I tell you this story?

I want you to know where I came from and to understand that nobody set me up in this business.

I wasn't connected and I started at square one, maybe like you did and...

I want to tell you about something amazing that changed my life!



Discovering the 100% commission model was a pivotal moment in my business.

This approach not only provided the financial freedom I sought but also allowed me to reinvest substantially in my business, transforming a conventional real estate job into a thriving and profitable enterprise.

Why 100% Commission Can Be a Game Changer:

Empowerment Through Earnings: The 100% commission model offers unparalleled autonomy and potential for financial growth. Instead of sharing your hard-earned income, you retain the full reward, investing it back into your business to drive success.

Designed for Agents' Needs: With over two decades of firsthand experience, I've tailored a unique, agent-centric 100% commission system. Our structure is built to support your needs with comprehensive tools and resources in an environment that promotes maximum earnings and professional achievement.

Invest in Your Growth: In the competitive realm of real estate, every dollar counts. Our model enables you to allocate more resources toward marketing, tools, and personal development, accelerating your business growth far beyond what traditional commission splits might allow.

Key Advantages:

No Hidden Costs: Traditional commission splits often come with unexpected fees or deductions that can undermine your earnings. Our straightforward, 100% commission plans ensure you keep what you earn without surprise costs.

Real Returns for Real Efforts: If you're the one making the calls, meeting clients, and closing deals, it's only right that you enjoy the full fruits of your labor. Our model respects and rewards your hard work and dedication directly.

Rapid Business Development: Agents on a 100% commission plan typically experience quicker business growth, enabling more significant investments in marketing, advanced tools, and even team expansion. This accelerates your progress and enhances your professional capabilities.

Accessibility and Affordability: Once a premium offering with high barriers to entry, 100% commission structures were out of reach for many. Real Estate Professionals, Inc. REALTORS® has democratized this model, making it affordable and accessible, ensuring that more agents can benefit from this empowering system.

Our tailored commission plans are designed to maximize your success and reward your efforts. Let's redefine what you can achieve in your real estate career with Real Estate Professionals, Inc. REALTORS®.



You receive 100% of commissions generated on your sales and leases!
You also receive 100% of broker/flat fees charged to your clients/customers!
You also receive 100% of any referral fees received by
Real Estate Professionals, Inc. REALTORS®

Investment: $125.00 per month. (paid automatically via credit card or bank ACH transfer)
$395.00 transaction fee (sales), $100.00 transaction fee (rentals), $100.00 transaction fee (referral payments)

Additional "licensed team members" may be added for an additional $125.00 per month per person.

With our "Smart Agent" commission program we offer no cost e&o insurance and we never charge any additional or hidden fees!

This program has a minimum 6 month commitment.


You receive 100% of commissions generated
on your sales and leases!
You also receive 100% of broker/flat fees charged to your clients/customers!
You also receive 100% of any referral fees received by Real Estate Professionals, Inc. REALTORS®

Investment: $295.00 per month.
12 months fees can be prepaid at any time at a discounted rate of $3,200.00
$195.00 transaction fee (sales), $100.00 transaction fee (rentals)
, $100.00 transaction fee (referral payments)

Additional "licensed team members" may be added for an additional $125.00 per month per person.

With our "Top Producer" commission program we offer no cost e&o insurance and we never charge any additional or hidden fees!

This program has a minimum 6 month commitment.



It really depends on you!

Are you willing to do the work required to be successful as a real estate salesperson? Most aren't. Lets find out.

I will offer you a really great deal. 45 minutes of my time for free.

No, not a sales pitch.

Tell me your ideas and plans for getting into real estate and I will offer you my insights.

I will be honest and truthful with you and my goal is to give you information that will help you to make the best decisions for yourself.

Take action and schedule now by clicking below.

Can we talk even though you haven't started the licensing process yet?


If you need to start the licensure process you can take the required 6o hour course online through The CE Shop.

If you purchase your course through this link, you will receive the best discounts that The CE Shop offers to us.


The CE Shop



Real Estate Professionals is an independent company in business since 2002.

The company was built with a core set of beliefs and values.

We provide the most value to the agent who is making the sale. That's you!

We are always honest, fair, trustworthy and transparent to the agents licensed with our brokerage. That's you!

We only want reputable and experienced agents that are professional in all of their dealings. That's you!



Here is a small sample of what our agents say about Real Estate Professionals, Inc:

"Real Estate Professionals, Inc. provides an incredible opportunity for me to grow my business. The State of the Art Technology allows me to be productive and efficient with both processing paperwork and communicating to all parties necessary. The Broker is available anytime for questions, support and training and his response time is amazing. Having experience with other large Real Estate Firms I know if other agents knew about how reliable, easy, cost effective Real Estate Professionals, Inc. is they would switch today! Everyday I have the opportunity to focus my business and building my brand and not worrying about office politics."

Susie Sudek, REALTOR®
Real Estate Professionals, Inc.


"I have been a licensed Realtor since 1978 and I've been affiliated with many real estate firms over the course of my years in real estate sales. Real Estate Professionals Inc. has given me the most satisfying experience of any of those companies and the greatest opportunity to maximize my potential as a trained professional. I'd advise any experienced Realtor to explore his or her options with this company. You'll be treated like the professional you are and given access to all the tools you'll need to reach your potential in the business we all love. The name says it all, Real Estate Professionals is the place for you."

Mark Brown, Jr, REALTOR®
Real Estate Professionals, Inc.


"What a great place to work! I am happy to say I am affiliated with this Brokerage. The training is exceptional. The personal attention and guidance I received from the office administrator and the Broker of record are far superior to the last brokerage with whom I was affiliated. I feel privileged to say I am affiliated with this Real Estate Brokerage and I would suggest to any agent that is looking for an alternative, to look no further, this is the best brokerage to work with. It truly is a group of Real Estate Professionals. The level of professionalism that extends from the Broker Robert Kaetzel and runs through the office staff and all the affiliated real estate agents is well known amongst the other Brokers and Agents. I am a better agent through the experience and education I have received since affiliating with Real Estate Professionals, Inc."

Brad King, REALTOR®
Real Estate Professionals, Inc.



When you become a Real Estate Professionals, Inc. agent you get me.

You will have direct access to me and I will help you help your business grow.

I have been licensed as a real estate agent in Maryland since 1995 and have been the broker for Real Estate Professionals, Inc. since I created the company in 2002. During that time over 10,000 transactions have been brokered under my real estate license.

I have the benefit of many years of experience problem solving for myself and for the agents in the office and I act as a coach/manager to the agents in the office. Since I am actively selling real estate I can show you how to do it successfully and the right way.

I have created numerous tools, forms and techniques that I use in my personal real estate business and I share all of these with the agents affiliated with our company.

Any leads or inquiries on your listings will be forwarded to you if they call the office or inquire through the company web page.

Since we are an independent company, we give you the freedom to market yourself the way you want to be viewed by your clients. If you are going to grow your business you need to make a name for yourself, not your company or corporate brand.

At Real Estate Professionals we give you the freedom to market yourself the way that you want. You can use our standard company look on your marketing materials and signage or you can create your own.

Here is an example of our newest "no photo" for sale sign for 2022.

The sign is 24 inches wide x 30 inches high.

Your name, personal phone number and personal website address are displayed prominently so that you will be marketing yourself.



You will be reponsible for purchasing your own for sale signs since they have your information on them.

6 high quality for sale signs that hang from a post will cost roughly $300.00 and we can give you all the information needed to order.

Some people ask why we don't provide for sale many companies they do.

If a company provides you with a for sale sign it will only have the company information displayed and you will have to purchase name riders which can cost close to what a for sale sign will cost. If you buy name riders then you may also have to make an extra trip to your property listing. The post sign companies we deal with will store your signs and install them when you order and the price of install is $34.00 - $50.00 depending on which company you use.

You have to market yourself, not the brokerage you are affiliated with.

You are the product people want to buy!

Having your own for sale signs looks more professional than having your name on a name rider and frankly...if you aren't willing to invest a few hundred dollars in marketing yourself professionally you wouldn't be the kind of agent we are looking for.



Real Estate Professionals provides a number of tools and systems for you to use at no additional cost.

1. First class broker/manager support: You have direct access to an experienced broker who is available to help and coach you so that you can take your business to the next level. At many offices broker/managers aren't actively involved in selling real estate successfully and don't have the ability or skill set to coach you so that your business/team will grow. How are they going to be able to help you?

2. ZipForm is the official forms program of the National Association of REALTORS® and is provided at no charge to you through your membership in the local REALTOR® association. ZipForm is integrated into BrightMLS. Every MLS listing has a ZipForm icon that will open your Zipform account, log you in and pull property and listing agent data from the MLS listing with one click. You will have access to every local association form library in Maryland within ZipForm.

3. The ShowingTime appointment service is used to handle appointment requests on your listings and is provided at no charge to you through your membership in BrightMLS.

4. Errors and Omissions Insurance (No Cost): This is paid for by the company with no charges to you. Unlike others we never charge any additional or hidden fees!

5. Your own personal DocuSign sender account: DocuSign is the premier digital signature service and is the gold standard in electronic signature platforms. DocuSign integrates with our paperless transaction management systems and ZipForm electronic forms for your maximum productivity. This is paid for by the company with no charges to you.

6. Paperless transaction management system: Think of the "Real Estate Professionals Paperless Pipeline" as your super highly organized online office. Our system stores all of your paperwork and transaction files online so you will never need to ever deal in paper again. There are powerful tools and systems for you to manage your transactions. You will be able to track your income and sales volume with a few clicks. You can email any documents in a transaction with a few clicks one handed! You can access all of our and your company files online all in one place from your computer or smart phone. We have spent years creating the ultimate online office system for you to use. This system is super easy to use and is very intuitive. It will help you to stay organized so that you can focus on selling and making money! This system is paid for by the company with no charges to you.

7. Offer Preparation Assistant: Our online offer preparation tool "OPA" will help you to know what forms you need to use when preparing an offer to purchase. This is provided by the company with no charges to you.

8. Broker designed custom forms: We have created numerous custom forms for our agents to use including a "simple" one page buyer agreement and an easy to understand two page listing agreement. The REALTOR® association forms can be scary so we give you the option of replacing some of these forms with our own simple versions. These are provided by the company with no charges to you.

9. Flawless and prompt payment systems: When you sign up with Real Estate Professionals, Inc. we will get your bank account information so that we can pay you quickly via ACH directly into your bank account.

10. 1099 NEC forms are sent out by January 10th of each year. If you receive payments to a bonafide corporation (Inc.) in accordance with applicable laws, we do not report or issue any 1099 form.



Are you a serious real estate investor?

Do you invest in real estate to hold as a rental or to fix and flip?

Many of the agents at our brokerage actively invest in real estate because our 100% commission programs are a perfect fit for a real estate investor.

We have created a Real Estate Investor Agent Program to give you tools and resources that will make your real estate investing more profitable and outrageously successful.

Are some real estate agencies investor friendly? Sure, but we have created an entire division of our company to support real estate investors who are licensed agents.



All Real Estate Professionals, Inc. agents are REALTORS® and you will need to maintain an annual membership with one of the following associations:

- Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS®
- Harford County Association of REALTORS®
- Carroll County Association of REALTORS®

By joining one of these local associations you are also enrolled as a member of the Maryland Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Regardless of which association you choose to join or be a member of, you are able to engage in real estate transactions anywhere in the State of Maryland and you will have access to all of the local REALTOR® association form libraries through ZipForm.

If you are a member of another association in Maryland, you may be able to stay a member there, however this is determined on a case by case basis.



At Real Estate Professionals, Inc. REALTORS®, we understand that our brokerage might not be the perfect fit for everyone, and that's okay!

We are licensed exclusively in Maryland. If you require a brokerage that operates across multiple states, we may not meet your needs.

Joining our brokerage involves financial commitments including 100% commission program fees, REALTOR® dues, and BrightMLS fees. It's crucial for our agents to be financially prepared to invest in their businesses.

We pride ourselves on a culture of respect and professionalism! We seek agents who are committed to maintaining a positive reputation and providing excellent service to clients and maintaining professional business interactions with other real estate agents.

Timely and organized management of transaction files is essential for success! Our agents are expected to adhere to these professional standards.

We value our brokerage's reputation and the quality of the agents who join us. We are more interested in the integrity and professionalism of our team than in merely increasing our numbers so we refuse to follow a "big box" realty business plan.

If you believe Real Estate Professionals, Inc. REALTORS® may align with your professional goals and ethics, I invite you to schedule a 30-45 minute phone or Google Meet consultation with me. During our conversation, I will answer any questions you have and explore how we can support your real estate business. All of our interactions will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

Let's discover together if we're the right fit for each other.

Looking forward to our conversation,

Robert Kaetzel
Real Estate Professionals, Inc. REALTORS®

call/text me: 410-593-1830

P.S. Schedule a meeting or phone/video call with me below or fill out the web form.

Earning 100% commission will change your life!

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