Real Estate Professionals, Inc. is a premier 100% commission real estate broker in Maryland!
We have made earning 100% commission affordable for real estate agents like you!


Real Estate Agents: Are you splitting commissions with your current broker? Our agents Earn 100% Commission on their sales for as little as $95 per month!






I stood in front of the stainless steel lunchmeat counter and took my paper hat off and took a moment to relax. It had been a fairly busy night at Mars Supermarket. I usually worked the 4 PM to 10 PM shift on evenings like this and I hoped that the rest of the night would be quiet and easy.

I glanced over at the refrigerated display cases and noticed that the milk needed to be filled.

Let me go grab a hand truck and fill the milk, I thought, as I saw him come down the aisle headed in my direction.

He was my client. The owner of a house I had listed.

You see, I was a twenty-four year old real estate salesperson in 1995. A part-time agent. I was embarrassed. I am supposed to be a businessman and here I have a paper hat on, a white deli jacket and my red tie reeks of ham and other assorted meat juices.

I panicked!

I sprinted into the back room and hid while my seller client came up to the deli counter and placed his order. Luckily there was someone else working with me that night to wait on him. I laid low until he was gone.

My cheeks flushed red from embarrassment from the cold of the meat cutting room, I thought, one day I am going to get the hell out of here and never come back!

Maybe I can make this real estate thing work for me!


Supermarket days! I worked at Mars Supermarkets from 1989 to 1996.
Here I am posing with meat that I stopped a shoplfiter from stealing.


Hello! Robert Kaetzel here. Its 2018 and I am forty-eight years old now. I have been in the real estate business for twenty-three wonderful years! My grocery store days are in the past! I have been the broker of my own real estate company, Real Estate Professionals, Inc. since 2002 and life and business are good!

Why did I tell you this story?

I want you to know where I came from and to understand that nobody set me up in this business.

I wasn't connected and I started at square one maybe like you did and...

I want to tell you about something amazing that changed my life!


Freedom, precious freedom provided by a mixture of hard work and an amazing concept in real estate!


Now if I decide to work with someone, it is always on my terms and I am calling the shots.

I have control over what I do and when and if I do it and I make my own schedule.

I can work as little or as much as I want.

It wasn't always this way. I learned the business the hard way and made many mistakes.

Many real estate agents do.

I certainly don't recommend this method for new agents although it can be very effective.

You see, back in the day there was the sink or swim method. Throw everybody into the deep water and some are going to figure out how to swim on their own and some won't.

I very easily could have gone under and never came back up, but I made it to shore, tired and worn out but also invigorated and determined to teach others what I learned.


What made the difference?



Learning about the 100% commission concept and earning 100% commission on my sales became one of the greatest things that ever happened to me!

It gave me the freedom I wanted and needed and it gave me the money I needed to invest in myself and my real estate business


Earning 100% commission changed my life dramatically and it will change your life as well!


This is why I am so passionate about this exciting concept!

I have heard some agents say that since they are newer to the real estate business they will split commissions for a few years and then sign on with a 100% commission broker later on.

Bad Idea!

When you are just starting out you need every dollar that you can get so that you can invest it into your business so that it will grow quicker!

Please understand that even today I am a real estate agent first and foremost and I am active selling homes every day. My personal team of 6 agents sells about 250 homes per year and we are growing. I live off of and pay my bills with my commission income. I tell you this not to impress you but to impress upon you the power of earning 100 percent commission on your sales!


Fact: No commission split plan that anybody can offer you beats 100% commission!


Think about it for a second. You are the one who every day makes phone calls and meets with people to try and make things happen. You invest your time and money and you burn your gas in anticipation of making a sale; then all your company thinks about is a new rule or fee that will cost you money or steal your time.


If you are the one that does the work, shouldn’t you receive the rewards associated with your hard work?


If you aren't earning 100% commission on your sales, you are depriving yourself and your family of money and freedom.

Here are 2 simple charts that show how much money you lose when you are not earning 100 percent commission.



* This chart is based upon sales volume and an average commission of 3% per transaction side and does not take into account any office fees paid to Real Estate Professionals, Inc. in lieu of a commission split. Some commission split brokers cap the amount of commissions that they take from you during a calendar year or may increase the percentage split as sales volume increases so the "You Lose" column may vary based on the arrangement with the commission split broker.



* This chart is based upon sales volume and an average commission of 3% per transaction side and does not take into account any office fees paid to Real Estate Professionals, Inc. in lieu of a commission split. Some commission split brokers cap the amount of commissions that they take from you during a calendar year or may increase the percentage split as sales volume increases so the "You Lose" column may vary based on the arrangement with the commission split broker.

Even if your brokerage offers a high commission split, you have to work harder and harder to make the same amount of money that a 100% commission agent does. That just doesn't seem fair!


Fact: An agent can be successful with any arrangement but 100% commission systems are the best. They make it easy for an agent to be successful and make more money!


Think about the effect of paying $25,000 - $30,000 per year in broker commission splits. Every year!

Lets look at two real estate agents and the effect of commission splitting on their finances.



The first agent is on a 70/30 commission split and the broker caps the commission split yearly at $25,000.

The second agent is on a 100% commission plan and pays a yearly fee to the broker of $1,140 in lieu of a commission split. ($95.00 per month)

Both agents sell 4.5 million dollars worth of real estate during the year. For our example we will assume an average commission of 2.75% per transaction side.

The first agent will earn $98,750.00.
(4,500,000 x 2.75% = $123,750 x 70% $25,000 cap = $98,750.00)

The second agent will earn $122,610.00!
(4,500,000 x 2.75% = $123,750 x 100% $1,140 fees = $122,610.00)

On this simple example the second agent earns $23,610 more!

Now think of the effect of this over 5 years.

The second agent will have $118,050 more! ($23,610 x 5 years)

Imagine if the second agent used only part of the extra earnings to invest in the business or if they just put the money into a CD earning 3% interest. The second agent would have over $125,000 more!


Fact: Earning 100% commission on your sales will help you to grow your business quicker than a commission split agent. Since you earn more you will be able to make greater investments into your business to pay for things like marketing, advertising, better tools or even a personal assistant.


It used to be that 100% commission deals were very expensive and few brokers offered them.

Real Estate Professionals, Inc. has made earning 100% commission affordable!

Our money-saving commission programs will allow you to reap the rewards of your success and hard work!



You receive 100% of commissions generated!
You also receive 100% of broker/flat fees charged to your clients/customers!
Investment: $95.00 per month.
$395.00 transaction fee (sales), $75.00 transaction fee (rentals)

Additional "licensed team members" may be added for an additional $95.00 per month per person.

With our Smart Agent program we offer no cost e&o insurance and we never charge any additional or hidden fees!

This program has a minimum 6 month commitment.


You receive 100% of commissions generated!
You also receive 100% of broker/flat fees charged to your clients/customers!
Investment: $295.00 per month.
12 months fees can be prepaid at any time at a discounted rate of $2,950.00
$195.00 transaction fee (sales), $75.00 transaction fee (rentals)

Additional "licensed team members" may be added for an additional $95.00 per month per person.

With our Top Producer program we offer no cost e&o insurance and we never charge any additional or hidden fees!

This program has a minimum 6 month commitment.



You receive 100% of any referral fees received by Real Estate Professionals, Inc.

There are no fees charged on any referral payments! Ever!

Example: $300,000 sale made as a result of one of your referrals to another agent or broker. Referral fee received of $2,700.00.

Referral fee of $2,700.00 = $2,700.00 paid to you!

No split. No deductions of any kind!



While our brokerage is made up of agents with years of experience in the business we do allow new agents to the real estate business to affiliate with us on a case by case basis.

If you have less than 18 months experience in real estate sales and/or have completed less than 6 closed transactions please fill out the information at the bottom of the page to be contacted for a phone interview to determine if you would qualify to join us.



Real Estate Professionals is an independent company and was built with a core set of beliefs and values.

We provide the most value to the agent who is making the sale. Thats you!

We are always honest, fair, trustworthy and transparent to the agents licensed with our brokerage. Thats you!



100% commission - transaction counter


We are not a franchise and do not believe in the value of a franchise model when it comes to real estate brokerage. There is no concrete advantage for a real estate agent to be affiliated with a franchise company but the disadvantages can be HUGE! When you join a franchise real estate broker you get the fun and excitement of sending a big percentage of your commission dollars "upstairs" and lets not forget having to comply with whatever new rule or policy "corporate" comes up with.

There is a trend in real estate brokerage where a real estate company signs up any and every agent possible and becomes a "license warehouse". Many agents get lost at these companies and later find out that they are receiving little value. They also find out that nobody is available to help them when they need something.

That's not us!

Here is a small sample of what our agents say about Real Estate Professionals, Inc:

Real Estate Professionals, Inc. provides an incredible opportunity for me to grow my business. The State of the Art Technology allows me to be productive and efficient with both processing paperwork and communicating to all parties necessary. The Broker is available anytime for questions, support and training and his response time is amazing. Having experience with other large Real Estate Firms I know if other agents knew about how reliable, easy, cost effective Real Estate Professionals, Inc. is they would switch today! Everyday I have the opportunity to focus my business and building my brand and not worrying about office politics.

Susie Sudek (former RE/MAX agent)


I have been a licensed Realtor since 1978 and I've been affiliated with many real estate firms over the course of those 36 years. Real Estate Professionals Inc. has given me the most satisfying experience of any of those companies and the greatest opportunity to maximize my potential as a trained professional. I'd advise any experienced Realtor to explore his or her options with this company. You'll be treated like the professional you are and given access to all the tools you'll need to reach your potential in the business we all love. The name says it all, Real Estate Professionals is the place for you.

Mark Brown, Jr. (former Long & Foster agent)


What a great place to work! I am happy to say I am affiliated with this Brokerage. The training is exceptional. The personal attention and guidance I received from the office administrator and the Broker of record are far superior to the last brokerage with whom I was affiliated. I feel privileged to say I am affiliated with this Real Estate Brokerage and I would suggest to any agent that is looking for an alternative, to look no further, this is the best brokerage to work with. It truly is a group of Real Estate Professionals. The level of professionalism that extends from the Broker Robert Kaetzel and runs through the office staff and all the affiliated real estate agents is well known amongst the other Brokers and Agents. I am a better agent through the experience and education I have received since affiliating with Real Estate Professionals, Inc.

Brad King (former Coldwell Banker agent)



Since you are making the sale you should get paid when the sale closes!

If you are in good standing with Real Estate Professionals, Inc. and have turned in required paperwork we can send notice to the title company handling settlement to pay your commission to you directly at settlement.

Imagine getting paid 100% commission on your next sale and being able to deposit your commission earnings right after closing!

Is this legal? Yep!

In Maryland it is legal for a real estate broker to authorize a title company to pay commissions on behalf of the broker to the broker's agent at settlement. We have been doing it this way for over 15 years and don't understand why a company would do anything different.

Why wait for your real estate broker to process YOUR commission checks when you can be paid at settlement as soon as the transaction closes.

You earned it! It's YOUR money!



I have been licensed as a real estate agent in Maryland since 1995 and have been the broker for Real Estate Professionals, Inc. since I created the company in 2002. During that time thousands of transactions have been sold under my real estate license.

I have the benefit of many years of experience problem solving for myself and for the agents in the office and I act as a coach/manager to the agents in the office. Since I am actively selling real estate I can show you how to do it successfully and the right way. I have heard managers say, "I don't sell. I don't compete with my agents." What they really mean is that they can't show you what to do or how to grow your real estate business because they aren't actually doing it.

Don't let anybody tell you what you can't do, especially if they haven't done it!

I have created numerous tools, forms and techniques that I use in my personal real estate business and I share all of these with the agents affiliated with our company.

You will have direct access to me and I will help you help your business grow.

Since we are an independent company, we give you the freedom to market yourself the way you want to be viewed by your clients. If you are going to grow your business you need to make a name for yourself, not your company or corporate brand.

At Real Estate Professionals we give you the freedom to market yourself the way that you want. You can use our standard company look on your marketing materials and signage or you can create your own.



Real Estate Professionals provides a number of tools and systems for you to use at no additional cost.

1. First class broker/manager support: You have direct access to an experienced broker who is available to help and coach you so that you can take your business to the next level. Many broker/managers aren't actively involved in selling real estate successfully and as such don't have the ability or skill set to coach you so that your business and/or team will grow. Agents who have joined Real Estate Professionals, Inc. from other brokers have complimented us for our responsivness. We are not just available to help you, we want to help you! There are brokers and company owners in the business that you may not want to associate with! Make sure you do your homework. You are the company you keep!

2. ZipForm is the official forms program of the National Association of REALTORS® and is provided at no charge to you through your membership in NAR.

3. The ShowingTime appointment service is used to handle appointment requests on your listings and is provided at no charge to you through your membership in Bright MLS.

4. Errors and Ommisions Insurance (No Cost): This is paid for by the company with no charges to you. Unlike others we never charge any additional or hidden fees!

5. Your own personal DocuSign sender account: DocuSign is the premier digital signature service and is the gold standard in electronic signature platforms. DocuSign integrates with our paperless transaction management systems and ZipForm electronic forms for your maximum productivity. This is paid for by the company with no charges to you.

6. Paperless transaction management system: Think of the "Real Estate Professionals Paperless Pipeline" as your super highly organized online office. Our system stores all of your paperwork and transaction files online so you will never need to ever deal in paper again. There are powerful tools and systems for you to manage your transactions. You will be able to track your income and sales volume with a few clicks. You can email any documents in a transaction with a few clicks one handed! You can access all of our and your company files online all in one place from your computer or smart phone. We have spent years creating the ultimate online office system for you to use. This system is paid for by the company with no charges to you. I can guarantee you that our system is better than anything you are using now! It will help you to stay organized so that you can focus on selling and making money! On top of it this system is super easy to use and is very intuitive.

7. Offer Preparation Assistant: Our online offer preparation tool "OPA" will help you to know what forms you need to use when preparing an offer to purchase. This is provided by the company with no charges to you.

8. Broker designed custom forms: We have created numerous custom forms for our agents to use including a "simple" one page buyer agreement and an easy to understand two page listing agreement. The REALTOR® association forms can be scary so we give you the option of replacing some of these forms with our own simple versions. These are provided by the company with no charges to you.

9. FREE email address: If you don't have your own business email address that you would like to use we will provide you with the hottest email address in real estate, to use. This is provided by the company with no charges to you.

10. Online real estate training opportunities through Rebus University (see below for more details)



We have partnered with local real estate sales legend Pat Hiban and Rebus University to offer a huge discount on all of the real estate courses offered by Rebus University.

Here are a just a few of the many courses that Pat Hiban and Rebus University have created:

- Certified Listing Agent
- Certified Buyer Agent
- Certified Team Agent
- Certified Price Reduction Course
- 101 Free Ways to Create Real Estate Leads
- Certified Outbound Lead Specialist
- Certified Real Estate Mogul (real estate investor course)

and many more!

Real Estate Professionals, Inc. agents are entitled to receive special pricing from Rebus University of $65.00 per month or $500.00 per year. The best value of all is the "lifetime" pass at a one-time cost of only $1,195.00.

We support Rebus University because we believe in the value of it and the people behind it. It really is the future of real estate training.

Who would want to travel to a real estate office when you can get training and education that encompasses all aspects of being a successful real estate agent from the comfort of your home?



Are you a serious real estate investor?

Do you invest in real estate to hold as a rental or to fix and flip?

Many of the agents at our brokerage actively invest in real estate. Why? Our 100% commission programs are a perfect fit for a real estate investor.

We have created a Real Estate Investor Agent Program to give you tools and resources that will make your real estate investing more profitable and outrageously successful.

Are some real estate agencies investor friendly? Sure, but we have created an entire division of our company to support real estate investors who are licensed agents.



All Real Estate Professionals, Inc. agents are REALTORS®.

We currently maintain membership with Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS®, Harford County Association of REALTORS®, Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS® and Bay Area Association of REALTORS®.

If you are a member of another association in Maryland, you may be able to stay a member with that association.



If you are transferring your real estate license from another brokerage in Maryland we will pay the cost of your license transfer and we will handle that transfer for you. Its easy and can be done immediately!

Our new agent processing team takes care of all steps involved in your transfer.

You don't have to do anything!

If you ever decide to leave Real Estate Professionals, Inc. we won't play games with your sales and listings.

You will always receive 100% commission on your transactions and you can take your listings with you to a new broker (with the written consent of the property owner)

You receive a minimum of two free months with our "TOP PRODUCER" program!

You receive a minimum of one free month with our "SMART AGENT" program!



We are not the best fit for every agent!

We don't want problems or drama no matter how much you produce.

If you are the kind of agent who everybody dislikes we would not be a good fit.

If you are flat broke and can't pay your REALTOR® dues and your Bright MLS fees we would not be a good fit.

If your clients and customers don't feel that you give them great service we would not be a good fit.

All of our agents are expected to turn in required paperwork through the "Real Estate Professionals Paperless Pipeline" in a timely manner.

We are not interested in creating a “body count” of agents. We don’t care about having the most agents. We take our responsibility under the law to supervise the licensees with our brokerage seriously.

Some companies that offer 100% commission programs may have a hands off approach and may not care what you do. We care! Our reputation as a premier brokerage and our agent's reputations are paramount.

We will not impose any extra burdens on you and make you do all kinds of things that are not required by law but we do want good people who take the real estate business seriously, follow the law and who keep their clients and customers happy!

If you think earning one hundred percent commission is a great idea and Real Estate Professionals, Inc. might be a good fit for you just simply fill out the form below!

Any communication will be held in the strictest confidence!

Robert Kaetzel
Real Estate Professionals, Inc.
Broker/REALTOR® and all around nice guy!

Yes! Earning 100% commission is awesome! Please contact me!